April Goals 2017

April Goals 2017.jpg


I know its kinda’ too late setting up goals for this month of April which basically have few days left to spend. But, anyways, just let me start my monthly goals which I think could still be achievable in the next days.

April Goals 2017:

  1. Exercise daily for 30 minutes. Just recently I downloaded some YouTube videos that teaches workouts that is healthy for my body.
  2. No meat and less rice in every meals. I am not fat. But, once I had my check-up for blood donation the doctor whispered to me saying that i have to be careful of my weight cause I am still young. Hope I can do this…food temptation is irresistible.
  3. Read a book for the week. I have not read a book for several years. As a warm-up, one book a week at a time to refreshes my brain.
  4. Meditate daily. Meditating helps the person loosen up. And, removes stress. I hope I can do this.

Do you have you April goals?


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