6 Tips on How to Become a Vegetarian


At first glance, vegetarianism is simple, “Do not eat animal meat.”

However, below the surface, vegetarianism has something more. It is about lifestyle, discipline, motivation, personal advocacy, our pursuits and the controlled will to resist any temptation of meat.

I am not a vegetarian yet and haven’t encountered in person a man who is a vegetarian. But, I was inspired by a co-worker who vowed to not to eat pig meat in his life. What pushes me to really get into vegetarianism is the fact that a doctor told me last 2016 to be careful on my body and on what I eat.

In my research, I discover 4 kinds of vegetarian diets.

  1. Lacto-ovo vegetarians– there people the diet of eating milk products such as milk, cheese and yogurt and eggs but not meat from poultry, seafood or fish.
  2. Lacto-vegetarians- these people eat milk products but not eggs, meat, poultry, seafood or fish.
  3. Vegans- these people are the total vegetarians. They eat only plant foods. They don’t eat food that comes from animals including milk products, eggs, honey and gelatin.
  4. Semi-vegetarian- these people follow the vegetarian diets but sometimes eat meat, poultry, seafood, fish and eggs.

Which one are you among these?

As a newbie and a wanna be vegetarian, I am always tempted to eat meat even how I resist, seriously.

Here in the Philippines, culturally, fiesta is always on the calendar. And, meat is always on the menu at any table. Even a simple celebration meat is inevitably present. No meat in the menu list is a no-no here in fiesta celebrations. Carnivorous.

My struggle is real.

So. Here are the tips on how to become a vegetarian.

  1. Expect that everyone will not understand your new diet. Based on my experience, when I started declining the offers to eat meat, they are somehow taken aback and perplexed to my recent attitude. They will say that you have change and become choosy. But, just keep on. Never conform to popular demands.
  2. Avoid becoming a junk food eater. It doesn’t mean that potato chips or potato fries are vegetable that you consider it as a primary food to your diet. That will put you in serious health problem.
  3. Eat vegetables or fresh fruits. When you want to become a vegetarian you have to eat vegetable or fruits and begin right now. You will not become a vegetarian by reading books on vegetables, right?
  4. Grow your own. Plant vegetables, herbs or fruits at your backyard. It saves you from expensive vegetables and ensures safety of food source. By planting your own, it compels you to stick to the discipline of your choice.
  5. Look forward to the health benefits. Do regular visit with your family doctor and observe the difference your lifestyle has brought you.
  6. Support Organic Product by Buying it. We have to be careful on the vegetables and fruits we are eating. They may be packed with process chemicals to maintain their freshness. Know how they plant and where they plant.

To become a vegetarian is not easy at all.

Do you have other tips to add on how to become a vegetarian?