Sunday’s Best: Walk the Talk


Hello there, amazing readers!

It’s a beautiful Sunday.

I woke up at around 5:30 am to prepare myself to attend the Eucharist. Then, I happen to ask my father who was also preparing to go to the mass, I said, “Are you not going to use the car in going to the parish church?”

He replied, “Let‘s just walk once in a while. Walking is our way of exercise.”

With my father’s word, I was taken aback.

Yesterday, I have been busy reading blogs about ways on how to contribute healing and health towards Mother Earth. I even wrote in my blog an article entitled “Earth Day: Filipino Environmentalist” showcasing influential personas in the field of environmental activism. But, here I am, doing the same contribution of destroying the Earth. I guess I learned the point of my father, that is, why use car when you can walk it.

Simply, walk the talk.


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