Philippines Passport Application 2017 Experience

Slide1Applying a Philippines passport is now easy for a Filipino citizen when all of the documents required are available.

Internet has enormous of information to offer. Yet, be critical on its content, legitimacy and truthfulness.

You can also contact directly the Department of Foreign Affairs if you have inquiries.

At the moment, I am done with my application and simply wait for the delivery of my passport.

Here are the tips of how did I process my passport.

Secure an appointment.

a) You have to set an appointment with the DFA online. You can choose if it is an individual or group appointment.

b) Fill all the necessary details of information it asks. Please be reminded that all information you supply to the form corresponds to the details seen in your other supporting documents.

c) Pick a convenient date. Hurry, ’cause slots are easily taken and reserved. Sometimes, it is just a fraction of a second that your slot is taken. It is like a first come, first serve rule. By the way, most schedules for the  month are taken. So, plan ahead of time.

d) Confirm your reservation. The first confirmation will be sent to your email. Then, you have to confirm it immediately. The second confirmation will be again sent to your email. This time it already have the link to the printable application form that you have filled in.

e) Do not wait for the list of requirements. It is already included at the last printable page of your appointment.

f) Get your requirements ready. Identification Card; Birth Certificate (PSA authenticated). Valid id’s like BIR, SSS, Drivers license, GSIS e-card,postal id, Unified Multi-purpose ID, voter’s id, Senior Citizens Id. For other supporting documents; transcript of records, NBI clearance, Police clearance, Barangay Clearance, voter’s certification, PSA marriage contract etc.

Slide2Processing day:

For me, I did my passport application in the City of Cagayan de Oro at the 3rd Floor of Ayala Centrio Mall. By the way, the mall opens at 10 am and no one is allowed to enter before the opening time. If your appointment is at 8 am in the morning do not worry, you are already reserved with your appointment. Personally, that time is more convenient because you will be the first to be served at if you are present there.

Double Check Your Documents. At least bring 2 valid ID’s. On my part I was ask four other supporting documents.

Photocopy all the requirements. On me, I did have two copies each documents. But, no need to worry because often times they have a xerox machine within the office. Of course, you have to pay. DFA Cagayan de Oro has xerox machine, so, no need to go out.

Be at the office at least 30 minutes before your appointment. Never consider yourself a VIP. There are also other applicants for passport processing scheduled same with your slot. So, better be advance on time if you want to finish early.

Present your appointment to the guards. No appointment, no entry. If you have your appointment, the guards will look at the time and will allow you to enter 30 minutes before the processing schedule. A reminder, the guards will get the appointment and you’ll just  have to wait on the processing section until your name will be called.

Inside the DFA. There are five sections inside. PROCESSING, in these section you will present all the documents you have with you. I mentioned that I was ask four other documents that includes my baptismal certificate or voter’s certification if you have. The staff at the  DFA are serious that they only smile very rarely on the side not. But, fast  in their work. CASHIER, she/he will call your name and you have to pay. If you want to receive your passport within 20 working day, pay Php. 1200.00. So, did I. If you want it in 30 working days, pay Php. 980.00. ENCODING, it is here that your bio-metrics will be taken. Just be patient because in this section you will wait much longer.  Check thoroughly all the data that will appear in your passport before signing for approval.  By the way, if you are a new applicant or have no other business, then, your done on the process of your passport. RELEASING, this section is for persons who are claiming their passports that had been processed already. AUTHENTICATION, I have no idea what’s in there.

After the encoding, I went to a counter where I pay for Php. 150.00 to deliver my passport thru LBC courier. And head back home to Surigao where I have to travel for 11 hours.

As I said, its time to wait.


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