How to celebrate Labor Day!

Popped-up Notes

Hi there friends,

Today is labor day.

Sometimes we are exhausted of all the rallies that are  constantly happening during labor day commemoration. But, we respect them for whatever cause they want to express.

Can we not have a labor day of positive thought and events without rallies and pickets in the streets.

Here are the ways to celebrate it.

Treat yourself. If you have been working hard in your life or in the past days give yourself a reward for being a hardworking person. Nonetheless, it is our bodies that enables us to do such surmountable and great jobs. you can have a massage, watch a movie, go to a party, drink a beer with friend or go to a beach and indulge yourself.

Say Thank you. Sometimes we feel insecure in our work place because we less receive complements or positive feedback. Is it not much helpful if we give thanks to ourselves? Is it not self uplifting? there are time that we ourselves have to thank personally ourselves. And, say thank you to your house helper, to your house boy, to the gardener, to the deliveryman, to the newspaper boy, to your cook and everyone who made your life moving and living. A little words of kindness and thankfulness could make the whole world a better place.

Give gifts to people who influence and help you become better in your profession and as a person. Tangible things can be moving to people who unexpectedly received it. It also recognizes their person as a big influence in you life.

Pray for those who suffers injustice, maltreatment and discrimination in their jobs. There are instances that millions of workers suffers everyday yet continue on working for them to live. with our prayers, we express our solidarity with them.

Hope you learn something. Please leave comments or additional suggestions to improve our listing.

“As we celebrate Labor Day, we honor the men and women who fought tirelessly for workers’ rights, which are so critical to our strong and successful labor force.”

Elizabeth Esty


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