What is the Source of All Things? 

the thinkerThe 21st century is a golden age of scientific development in terms of scientific discoveries,  research, delicate technological advancement. It opens us to the possibility of life outside Earth.

Humans were able to reach the moon, orbit the planet or send robots to other neighboring planets to our planetary system.

As a result of this progress,  today the prevailing question is, “Where are we from?” Our search does not constraints us only on where we stand. It offers us the challenge to throw our vision to the vast horizon of the universe.

What is the source of all things? It is still a relevant question.

Greek civilization who thrive in the ancient times had also embarked to there quest in finding answers and explaining the nature of things. Somehow, we have to credit them for pioneering the quest for of what is the source of all things.

With experience and keen observation on mundane events and daily phenomenon, they arrived at something convincing.

Water. When we cry, water comes out.  When we sweat or perspire, water is released.  When we urinate, water is excreted.  We need water when we are thirsty.  We need water when we are dehydrated  Even our own blood is water that made us living beings.  Water when heated will evaporate but will become again as rain.

The Earth is itself filled with the abundance of water.  In Africa, where water is scarce, it is consider key element for survival.  To Filipinos water is important because they are frequently taking their bath. In almost facet of human life that pertains to survival and necessity, water is at the pedestal.

Thales believed that water is the source of all things.  But,  this answer is a breakthrough during Thales time and set the motion of our quest for science, knowledge and wisdom.  Just by observing the phenomenon on whats happening around him that lead him to conclude that water is the nature if everything.  His endeavor also served as the first attempt on explaining nature in a single principle which is called monism. But,  more than all of this,  Thales has made the first serve in history of philosophical exchanges.  He put a theory that others could examine and debate and provided rational grounds for speculations.

Though in the 21st century we do not consider water as the sole nature of things.  We, however,  consider it vital for survival and sustenance of the human race and of Earth in entirety.


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