How to Deal a Backstabber at Work

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No matter how you build positive relationship with your co-workers someone is not happy about you.  Someone will one time make your life miserable. Backstabber do make ones life miserable if we let them.

To work in a prominent company who is leading on food service is by itself a privilege.  But,  someone missed me up that made me decide to resign my position as a restaurant manager.

A backstabber hit me hard that I was left deeply disturb and frustrated.

You know what this backstabber do?  She would speak ill things about me and destroyed my credibility to my area managers especially in their meetings broadcasting my failures.  The saddest part was that I learn all her rants about me from other fellow managers.  Take note everyday we talk, meet and discuss things with each other at the office in building the team strongly.  She was indeed a silent killer and best of her craft to destroy.

What if this happens to you or had already happened to you being back stab,  what will you do? How would you feel?

Often,  knowing that we were betrayed, we would rant,  shout and sometimes resort to physical revenge or set our mind of returning back the pain.

Here are the things you could do in surviving against backstabbers from pick lessons I’ve got with my own experience.

Listen.  Know why that person would intentionally destroy you.  Jot down all the negative stuff he or she will throw at you.  Often because of our compulsive thought and feelings for revenge and aggressiveness,  we fail to listen.

Feed Back. Look at yourself in front of the mirror and ask yourself what others dislikes about me.  Ask people around you in the workplace what they dislike and like about you.  If people have the same impression on you and if most of it are negative better change that attitude. It also widens the circle of people or co-worker who would wanted to make friends with you because of your openness for feedback to help you improve in your work at the workplace.

Confront the backstabber.  If you are a straightforward person, talk to the person one on one. Ask him or her why shes doing that to you. Ask him or her if you can work together without destroying its other.

Treat him like a passing wind.  This is fir people who are not courageous to confront directly the person or is afraid because the backstabber is superior in position than you. When the backstabber in the workplace comes or passes by ignore his or her presence.  And,  continue what you are doing.  Just be careful because the more you ignore them the more they wanted to be recognize and pissed you up.

 Think positive.  Sometimes our anger lingers long and when we see the person who back stab you, you become irritated.  So,  think funny thoughts or jokes to lighten your mind and lighten your work.

Spit it out.  Talk about why you are angry to the backstabber until you are satisfied.  Do this with your most trusted friends.  To loosen up negative thoughts and energy towards co-workers, a need to spit it out.

Take note.  Keeping a record of people who are backstabber can help you find strategies on how to relate with them individually.

All of this we hope that our workplace can become a team who aims for a progress of everyone working.  If we do cat fight, together we fail from our aims and desires of success in life.  It is because successful people have no time to destroy each other.  But they have the time to lend a hand to help other to succeed like them.  How do you deal with backstabber?


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