Why remain and not just leave?

Why remain and not just leave

Let’s face it. Life is not a magical story of a fairy tale which we see on televisions. I am not a prince charming nor you are sleeping beauty waiting for the kiss of a true love. Truth is we are born through pain.

Yet, this does not mean we become pessimistic on life neither in its entirety.

You see, we are often aggressive especially when we experience relationships failures. This affects our decision-making that leads to quarrel, shattered friendship or to its worst-separation, divorce or annulment for married couples.

Why remain and not just leave?

It is a logical question. However, I can put it this way, “Why leave and not remain?”

Are you afraid of facing the pain and truth? Are you afraid of admitting in yourself that you had a part on what’s happening in your life? Are you afraid of yourself?

Turning our back to our life hardships or relationships failures is always not the answer. Turning our back is not making space to think; it is creating emptiness in our hearts letting anger or hatred control us. Turning our back is not seeking peace; it is rather consenting to our ego who wants revenge. Turning our back does not answer our heartaches and pains; it rather produces more unanswered questions.

A relative of mine happened to eat with me in the table. We talked about how the married life of her son has been put into crisis. She asked me, “What will I do? Will I continue my plan on leaving my son and letting him feel how difficult it is to have no one to depend on or will ever support?”

I told her to remain. Her son needed her much more than ever at these times.

You’ll see, no matter how fast are we from running away to our problems, eventually, we become tired and have to face that problem. When it comes, we realize that we have less time to amend our failures.

To remain means to have a listening heart. Sometimes, in a relationship either in married life or in friendships communication is important. But, not just a simple communication, it is a compassionate communication.

To remain means you are there ready to be present and be depended in whatever way could be. Remember how married couples vowed to love each other in good times and bad time; for bitter and for worst. Friendships stay long because they remain in goodness and bitterness of their life experiences. Two is always better than one.

Is  it not by remaining we are enabled to see who is our priority? It is giving importance. Gaps in whatever or whichever relationship you are into happens because we give less importance to each other. We forget the importance of the other in our life.  Loving is basically giving importance to the person you love.

So, “Why leave and not remain?”


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