Hi there, amazing readers!

I am Allan or just call me A.G. 

I am from the southern part part of the Philippines Mindanao particulary in Surigao. I the person behind Crossroads:Philosophy. Life and All.

Crossroad is a personal blog that contains almost everything that can be spoken of from Philosophy, Life, Lifestyle, Health, Tips and all. It will also talk much about self-improvement that in either way could be helpful to your growth. Just like when we face a life changing event in our life, Crossroads will be there for you.

Hope that whatever lesson, realization or reflection you can get reading this blog will be of importance to you. As for this blog, I will continue to share my thoughts to all of you.

May you be able to live authentically in your lives with our insecurities and pretensions and only positive thoughts to a positive life. 

Please enjoy  reading.